#NoKXL and #Fightfor15: #OccupyWallStreet re-engineered for victory?

In this article recently published in Open Democracy, I examine new anti-corporate movements against the model established by Manuel Castells shortly after the Arab Spring uprisings and Occupy Wall Street.


From Egypt to Iceland, the citizen movements behind the Arab Spring through to the Indignados caught the world’s imagination as they rocked or overthrew the political and economic establishment. A considerable volume of headlines and academic analyses have been devoted to the ‘networked revolutions’ that have swept in with such spectacular speed and power, even as their lasting political impact is actively debated. Continue reading


#Social for Survival – the book concept

I am now officially working on a book proposal to make #Social for Survival into a published and widely distributed  blueprint for social change. Below is my first try at a synopsis. Your comments and feedback are most welcome! Continue reading

Busting through climate change apathy: What will it take?

I’ll admit it. From a communications perspective, the challenge of making people care about climate change had me stumped. I mean, the complexity of the issue along with our enduring fixation with the economy and astounding capacity for denial has made this the Death Star of all social change issues. But quite recently, I have started to feel a shift in the wind. With the coming of the People’s Climate March and the release of Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything, there are signs that we’re just now figuring out how to crack this nut and gain some critical momentum. Continue reading