Dispatch 11/27: Data driven advocacy, Rickrolling ISIS and more

In collaboration with Mobilisation Lab, here is a recent roundup of grassroots-powered movement news from around the world. To receive the Mobilisation Lab Dispatch directly each week, please sign up here. If you have ideas for reports that should be in future Dispatches, please contact me here.

Data-driven advocacy is the daily work of two scientists who are leveraging this approach for local environmental protection. Whether the issues are the dangers of fracking or the invasive spread of cane toads, people are crowdsourcing analysis of digital incident reports from open government sources to make stronger, and more visually compelling, cases for policy change.

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Innovations in networked movement building: Distributed activism as practiced by 350.org and Hollaback!

I recently had the pleasure of presenting my research on 350.org and Hollaback!’s innovations in distributed campaigning at the Goldsmiths, University of London Social Media Activism and Organisations conference. A summary of my observations is presented below as well as a full video of my talk. Continue reading