The tech sector: Friend or foe of changemakers worldwide?

In a recent Guardian piece, I covered some promising human rights initiatives helped along by tech sector companies, both large and small. This subject is a thorny one, for many good reasons. Activists are very suspicious tech giants and this suspicion tends to get transposed on the sector as a whole. At the same time, there are a lot of apps, hacks and strategic uses of social networks that are helping activists worldwide. Continue reading


#NoKXL and #Fightfor15: #OccupyWallStreet re-engineered for victory?

In this article recently published in Open Democracy, I examine new anti-corporate movements against the model established by Manuel Castells shortly after the Arab Spring uprisings and Occupy Wall Street.


From Egypt to Iceland, the citizen movements behind the Arab Spring through to the Indignados caught the world’s imagination as they rocked or overthrew the political and economic establishment. A considerable volume of headlines and academic analyses have been devoted to the ‘networked revolutions’ that have swept in with such spectacular speed and power, even as their lasting political impact is actively debated. Continue reading