Change makers, how can I help you with social media strategy?

Giving time to help groups working on progressive social change is top of my Resolutions list in 2015. Do you know a cause I could help with? Here are details on what I can offer and how I am offering it.

In my day job I am a senior social media consultant that has advised leading brands and organizations on the strategy and fine tuning of digital communications campaigns. In this regard, here are things I know a lot about:

  • Social media campaign design
  • Cause advocacy through social media
  • Social media advertising
  • Building online communities
  • Tracking online conversations
  • Measuring impact of online communications

Anything in that list that you could apply to the good work that you or someone you know is doing? Give me a shout and let’s talk about it.

But first, here are a few ifs and buts I will be sticking to:

  • The cause must socially and or environmentally progressive
  • I do not have unlimited time so will be drawing the line at some point
To take me up on this, please write me here and we can set up a skype to discuss your needs.

Good causes need all the help they can get and I hope you will let me contribute to yours!


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