2015: Year of the Underdog?

We all know it. The planet’s problems are legion and there is no shortage of news about looming crises, conflicts and terror. If you’re looking for the bright side this year, I would argue that it rests with the world’s rising social network movements and their ability to mobilize people and power towards rapid social change.

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Social network strategy for social causes (French Slideshare)

For those who read French, you can view the recent presentation I delivered to Équiterre, an important ENGO that does good work here in Québec. The focus is on elements of social media strategy that are especially well suited to social and environmental campaigns as well as NGO membership building and fundraising.

Erica Chenoweth’s Talk at TEDxBoulder: Civil Resistance and the “3.5% Rule”

Wondering what percentage of the public it takes to change the social order? Apparently it’s no more than 3.5%!


I gave a talk at TEDxBoulder on September 21st. It was a great event, and I shared the stage with over a dozen terrific speakers and a number of talented musicians. We shared our ideas with a sold-out audience of about 2,200 people, and I’ve never been more nervous giving a talk!

Here’s the video:

I anticipated that people might have questions about some of the claims I make in this talk, as well as some of the specific references I make. As you can imagine, when you have 12 minutes to tell a story, present some counterintuitive information, and try to make it engaging, there’s no time to fully reference your points. So I decided to post the script and expand it with a variety of links to sources, references, and resources for those interested in pursuing the topic further. There may be a few deviations/word changes here and…

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