#Social for Survival – the book concept

I am now officially working on a book proposal to make #Social for Survival into a published and widely distributed  blueprint for social change. Below is my first try at a synopsis. Your comments and feedback are most welcome!

#Social for Survival floats the premise that networks of citizens mobilizing through social media have recently gained so much momentum and tactical advantage that they can now circumvent governments to directly address global challenges such as climate change, wealth distribution and human rights. This course of action, for which #Social for Survival presents a blueprint, may represent our last hope in preventing civilization collapse.

This book is set against the backdrop of rising concern that we are fast approaching a time of global environmental, social and economic crisis. Such anxiety is heightened by the seeming inability of governments, economists and business leaders to adjust course in time, sticking as they do to the unsustainable way of life that we have enthroned for over a century.

And yet, though our industrial and technological progress may have led us into the mess we’re in, it has also opened some windows of opportunity allowing us to hope that we can pivot and evolve our way out of civilization collapse.

This hope is fed by recent seminal moments of social change. The Arab Springs, the Occupy Wall Streets and the rise of the Sharing Economy have all amazed us with their speed and power. What surprised us even more was the fact that established power structures had little or no credit for their appearance.

At the root of all this change, there is a common recipe. It involves the nature of our emerging networked societies, the strategic use of social media and a specific approach to packaging issues and mobilizing mass participation. It is this recipe, in all its many variations, that will be at the heart of #Social for Survival, with the hopes that this book will spawn many more instances of the kind of change we now desperately need.


2 thoughts on “#Social for Survival – the book concept

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