World-changing thinkers and artists wanted!

Am happy to be involved as a curator, once again, in Memefest, the International Festival of Socially Responsive Communication and Art. Each year, this event aims to showcase the best activist thinking and creative from around the world around a chosen theme. The rallying concept for 2014 is a call to rethink Dialogue as a means to achieve social change – a challenging and timely premise, in my opinion. Continue reading


Where have all the networked revolutions gone?

In the last few weeks, I’ve been reading some great books that document and analyze the ‘networked revolutions’ of 2010-2012. In case this means nothing to you, we’re talking about the Arab Spring regime changes, the Indignados in Greece and Spain, the Icelandic protests and the multiple Occupys that sprang from Occupy Wall Street. Much has been written about this very concentrated time of revolt and the role that social media played in organizing and amplifying people power. Continue reading

Kalle Lasn, grandfather of #OccupyWallStreet

To my mind, the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement is one of the most powerful contemporary demonstrations of social media’s creative and disruptive force. In just a few short months, what began as a  well-packaged concept, or ‘meme’, made its way through online networks to inspired initiators, who, in turn, mobilized even larger networks to generate physical ‘occupys’ in roughly 1000 distinct geographic locations. After all was said and done, we are left with a powerful case study of how the virtual can become the ‘real’ in social and political space, with startling speed and impact these days. Continue reading

Why Greenpeace is smart to target Lego to get at Shell

Wow, over 5 million views already for Greenpeace’s Youtube video, which spoofs the Lego brand to slam its partnership with Shell! I have read some critiques of this action, like this French article by Nicolas Vanderbiest, which discount the campaign in its early stages saying it chose the wrong target (a much loved brand) and that it would not go very far.

Personally, I think Greenpeace was (as always) very strategic about its choice of target and, for those who are wondering, I’ll explain below exactly why I think Lego is the perfect way to get at Shell and the whole issue of drilling for oil in the Arctic, while generating massive amounts of social media buzz. Continue reading